To make your own plugin using the template included on the Downloads page, there are several (simple) steps that must be taken for everything to work properly.

First, download the VSI and open it. Click through the wizard so that it installs the template into Visual Studio.

Secondly, open Visual Studio and create a new project. Under your installed templates for Visual Basic, you should see a project that is called "Fong Plugin Template." Open that.

Upon creating your new project, you will encounter several error messages in your Error List. This can be fixed by making a couple of small changes to your project. First, add a new reference to the Fong Plugin Engine binary (dll) to your project. This will remove all but two of your errors.

The remaining two errors can be removed by double-clicking the error in your Error List, and removing the text in the red box in the image below:


Now, you should be all set to create your plugin!

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